In my previous post I discussed three major reasons as to why descriptive words are bad trademarks. They generally will be objected to by the Registry, or they may be allowed with disclaimers and even if they are registered, they may not let you stop someone else from using a similar mark.

By Navarre Roy, Selvam & Selvam

Judge Kennelly granted in part plaintiff Malibu Media’s motion to dismiss Doe defendant’s counterclaim and certain of its nineteen affirmative defenses in this BitTorrent copyright infringement case. Doe’s counterclaim was not appropriate because it sought no affirmative relief

By R. David Donoghue

By: Justin McNaughton Google has a fascinating report called the Transparency Report, where it provides statistics on the number of Copyright takedown notices it receives monthly. 8,000,000 a week is incredible. What is more incredible is the speed with which Google typically responds to take down infringing URLs.

By Guest Blogger , Stites & Harbison