Should the extensive use of the SPECSAVERS logo (left) be regarded as use of the black logo (right) consisting of a pair of overlapping ovals, so that the latter mark can be regarded as having been put to genuine use?

By David Brophy, The IPKat Blog

When I moved from Minnesota to Wisconsin to go to college, among the local customs that I had to get acclimated to were the revulsion against the word “pop” for carbonated beverages named “soda;” hearing classmates say “I just need to find the time machine” when they meant an ATM branded with Tyme...

By Martha Engel, DuetsBlog

From the productive pen of occasional guest Paul England (Taylor Wessing LLP) comes the following note on Nampak Plastics Europe Ltd v Alpla UK Ltd, in which the Court of Appeal for England and Wales upheld a ruling by Mr Justice Birss.

By Jeremy, The IPKat Blog

The Australian Financial Review has published an article today report on an initiative by IP firm Wrays and R&D tax advisor Swanson Reed which calls on the Australian government to provide assistance to companies of up to 50,000 Australian dollars for the preparation and filing of the patents.

By Rob Harrison, IP finance Blog

Plaintiff Parallel, allegedly “seduced by the potential for a long-term partnership,” shared its proprietary Parallume assay with DeRisi, a professor of biochemistry and biophysics at the University of California, San Francisco. DeRisi allegedly plotted with former Parallel employee Baxter simply to take Parallume.

By Rebecca Tushnet, Rebecca Tushnet's 43(B)log